Welcome to Dial “BOAT” for Murder!childsigman-copy

This is a dinner party murder mystery for 7-9 people that is conducted using text messages. You’ve already received the location and time where you’ll be playing, and all you need to bring is your fully charged cell phone. You can expect to receive about 200 text messages over the course of the game (all sent from the number of the person hosting the party), and normal messaging rates will apply, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan you should keep that in mind.

The game progresses via timers and interacting with the host’s phone. You won’t need to download the app (unless you’re the host), but the host’s phone will get passed around a little bit. A little into the night, one of the characters will die, and it’s up to you and your fellow players to figure out who murdered the poor soul. Everyone is a suspect, and you’ll need to work together to solve mini-games, contact the void, and maybe even get musical.

You’ve been assigned the character Mike Trepky, who is dating the child of the millionaire that owns the boat the mystery happens on. That dude in the picture is your character: you’re encouraged to dress up.

Here’s the monologue you’ll read to the group to introduce yourself. It should give you a flavor of the man you are:

Hello everyone, I’m Mike Trepky. I’ve been dating Blake for, oh, six months now. The way we met is the most absurd little story. I was at a monster truck rally in Scranton, PA, when a man on a motorcycle attempted to jump thirty ambulances and landed on a person three seats to my left. The man on the motorcycle died, and so did several other people, but the one nice thing was that while I was healing in the hospital, I happened to be in the hospital bed right next to Blake, who had stepped on a weakly poisonous freshwater snail a few days prior. It was love at first sight. I work as a librarian at a local high school. I primarily work to coax parents into mounting half-hearted censorship campaigns to ban “The Catcher in the Rye” or “Naked Lunch” so that students can write editorial letters for the school newspaper and organize parades extolling the virtues of free speech, which are extremely valuable as college application essay fodder. It also tends to distract them from actual politics, which is another plus. I love and believe in Blake. I know that their setbacks won’t keep them down, and from the ashes of cat-gun.com will rise another company, just as good as dog-gun.com, or any other company that the millionaire could ever make, and everyone will know it.