Welcome to Dial “BOAT” for Murder!captainman-copy

This is a dinner party murder mystery for 7-9 people that is conducted using text messages. You’ve already received the location and time where you’ll be playing, and all you need to bring is your fully charged cell phone. You can expect to receive about 200 text messages over the course of the game (all sent from the number of the person hosting the party), and normal messaging rates will apply, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan you should keep that in mind.

The game progresses via timers and interacting with the host’s phone. You won’t need to download the app (unless you’re the host), but the host’s phone will get passed around a little bit. A little into the night, one of the characters will die, and it’s up to you and your fellow players to figure out who murdered the poor soul. Everyone is a suspect, and you’ll need to work together to solve mini-games, contact the void, and maybe even get musical.

You’ve been assigned the character Quentin Chumley, who is the salty and storied captain of the boat the mystery takes place on. That dude in the picture is your character: you’re encouraged to dress up.

Here’s the monologue you’ll read to the group to introduce yourself. It should give you a flavor of the man you are:

My name is Captain Quentin Chumley, and this is my boat. My mother was a squall and my father was an Albatross, and I mean that in a strictly metaphorical way, because my mother was actually a gym teacher and my father was actually an office manager. But from the time I was a boy in Kansas I knew I was destined for the sea. I knew it because every single morning I would wake up and find a fish in my shoes. Sometimes the fish would be in the left shoe, sometimes in the right. I never knew which to expect. Usually it was still alive. Also, every fortune cookie I ever opened said “You are destined for the sea,” with the words “Shoe” and “Fish” written in Mandarin on the back. So I left Kansas and went into the merchant marines. From the Merchant Marines I went into the Navy, then after the navy I went into the coast guard, and then my paperwork got misfiled and I spent two years in the peace corps, and then I went back into the navy, and then one day I made a very minor and very honest mistake, and, well, the thing about big ships is they really don’t turn very quickly. After that I was dishonorably discharged and was sent to a military penitentiary for two years. When I came out, I got my ship captain’s license and a second chance from an eccentric millionaire. This is a good ship, and I’ve brought her through the roughest things this sea can handle. You all are safe with my hands on tiller. I mean that again in a strictly metaphorical way, since this boat has an autopilot.

You also have a wonderful story about the time you caught an enormous marlin 16 miles off the southern tip of South America, and a squall blew up that was so cold you had to cut open the marlin and sleep inside it for warmth – when you woke the next morning, you puked up a still-living flying fish that had climbed inside you for warmth. You’ll be telling this story to a few different guests, so try it once before you come!