Welcome to Dial “BOAT” for Murder!childwoman-copy

This is a dinner party murder mystery for 7-9 people that is conducted using text messages. You’ve already received the location and time where you’ll be playing, and all you need to bring is your fully charged cell phone. You can expect to receive about 200 text messages over the course of the game (all sent from the number of the person hosting the party), and normal messaging rates will apply, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan you should keep that in mind.

The game progresses via timers and interacting with the host’s phone. You won’t need to download the app (unless you’re the host), but the host’s phone will get passed around a little bit. A little into the night, one of the characters will die, and it’s up to you and your fellow players to figure out who murdered the poor soul. Everyone is a suspect, and you’ll need to work together to solve mini-games, contact the void, and maybe even get musical.

You’ve been assigned the character Blake Eustace, who is the daughter of the millionaire who owns the boat the mystery happens on. That woman in the picture is your character: you’re encouraged to dress up.

Here’s the monologue you’ll read to the group to introduce yourself. It should give you a flavor of the woman you are:

Well, there’s no use hiding my backstory. I’m here because the millionaire invited me here today. I am Blake Eustace, the estranged daughter of the millionaire. The millionaire and I always thought that when the time came I would take the reins of the dog-gun.com empire. But when the millionaire split up our family, and remarried, when that happened, we had a falling out, and I declared that I would be my own woman from then on. I wanted to do something radically different from dog-gun.com, so that nobody could ever say I was riding on anyone’s coattails. So I took peyote and I went into the desert for four days, and when I came back I knew what to do. I made a gun that a cat could use, and started cat-gun.com. It was brilliant! We got millions of dollars in venture capital and the prototypes worked better than you could image. But then, I flew too close to the sun, and fate struck back against me. While thousands of people have been shot by their own dogs, those have all been accidents. It turns out if you give a cat a gun, they will stalk and shoot their owners. In a classic example of government overreach, we were forced by a judge to issue a recall, and after just six months cat-gun.com was in ruins.