Welcome to Dial “BOAT” for Murder!millionwoman-copy

This is a dinner party murder mystery for 7-9 people that is conducted using text messages. You’ve already received the location and time where you’ll be playing, and all you need to bring is your fully charged cell phone. You can expect to receive about 200 text messages over the course of the game (all sent from the number of the person hosting the party), and normal messaging rates will apply, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan you should keep that in mind.

The game progresses via timers and interacting with the host’s phone. You won’t need to download the app (unless you’re the host), but the host’s phone will get passed around a little bit. A little into the night, one of the characters will die, and it’s up to you and your fellow players to figure out who murdered the poor soul. Everyone is a suspect, and you’ll need to work together to solve mini-games, contact the void, and maybe even get musical.

You’ve been assigned the character Karen Eustace, who is a tech millionaire, and the owner of the boat where the mystery takes place. That woman in the picture is your character: you’re encouraged to dress up.

Here’s the monologue you’ll read to the group to introduce yourself. It should give you a flavor of the woman you are:

Everyone, if I could have your attention please. I’d like to propose a toast, but I won’t. At least not yet. I’ve gathered you all here today, on my yacht, so that we can all celebrate my birthday together. But many of you don’t know each other yet, and it is an ancient tradition among Silicon Valley startup millionaires that toasts shared between strangers lead to under-valuations in initial public offerings. So before we raise our glasses high, let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Karen Eustace, the multimillionaire founder of dog-gun.com. When I was a child, when people asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I told them the truth. I told them I wanted to make millions of dollars selling a gun that a dog could use. They laughed at me. But now, gun ownership among dogs is higher than it’s ever been, and I’ve become so wealthy that I was able to buy the childhood homes of every person that ever laughed at me and burn them to the ground. Now that I’ve become rich, I’ve begun to turn my thoughts towards my legacy. I don’t want people to forever link my name to the thousands of people who have been shot by their own dogs, I want to be remembered for something greater than that. So I have decided to turn my efforts towards building a huge concrete structures. And I want to build that structure in a tidal estuary filled with endangered species. They told me it couldn’t be done, but then I burned the naysayers’ childhood homes to the ground, and now nothing stands between me and my concrete legacy.