Dial “BOAT” For Murder – A Murder Mystery App For 7-9 People

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Dial “BOAT” for Murder is an android smartphone app that coordinates a murder mystery for 7-9 people.

(Link to the Play Store Page)

One person will download the app, select the other players from their contacts, and when the whole group is assembled (in the same physical location), the phone with the app will begin to send out messages, instructions, and clues via text messaging. The app combines elements of theater, hidden-identity parlor games like Werewolf or Mafia, and escape room-style puzzles.

This particular mystery is designed for a group of 7-9 people of any collection of genders. It should take between 60-90 minutes to play. The game does require some movement but can be held in any place as large or larger than a living room. The person who downloads the app (the Gamemaster) is expected to participate fully – they can assign themselves whichever character they would like, and will not know who the murderer is.

Everyone should bring a fully charged cell phone capable of receiving SMS (aka text) messages to the game. Keep in mind that if people do not have unlimited text messaging, standard messaging and data rates will apply. A standard game will send about 1,000 text messages from the Gamemaster’s phone, and each player can expect to receive between 100-200 text messages.They will be exclusively SMS (no MMS). Additionally, it is recommended but not necessary that the Gamemaster provide nametags.

Gameplay Overview:

The Gamemaster will use the app to send out SMS invitations to each of the players. These invitations will include basic instructions, a venue and time the murder mystery will take place, a bio of the player’s assigned character, some director’s notes about how they might play their character, and an illustration of what their character looks like. Players are encouraged to dress up like their character, and the Gamemaster is encouraged to decorate the venue like a tech millionaire’s yacht.

Once all the participants have arrived at the venue, the Gamemaster will read some basic rules, reassign characters if necessary, and then initiate the game. All further instructs are provided through text messages.

The game progresses via timers and interacting with the Gamemaster’s phone, which will get passed around. A little into the night, one of the characters will die, and it’s up to the group to figure out who murdered the poor soul. Everyone is a suspect, and the group will need to work together to solve mini-games, contact the void, and maybe even get musical.

NOTE: the Gamemaster receives SMS instructions just like everyone else. The game is designed so that the Gamemaster can read SMS messages and use their phone normally while also hosting the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some screenshots from the game:

screenshot_2016-11-21-11-00-11 screenshot_2016-11-30-12-58-32 screenshot_2016-11-30-20-28-34 screenshot_2016-11-30-20-29-30 screenshot_2016-11-30-20-33-06 screenshot_2016-11-30-20-33-50 screenshot_2016-11-30-20-37-54


The host of the party is The Millionaire, the male version of whom is shown below:



Here’s the monologue he reads to the group to introduce himself. It should give you a flavor of his character and the evening.

Everyone, if I could have your attention please. I’d like to propose a toast, but I won’t. At least not yet. I’ve gathered you all here today, on my yacht, so that we can all celebrate my birthday together. But many of you don’t know each other yet, and it is an ancient tradition among Silicon Valley startup millionaires that toasts shared between strangers lead to under-valuations in initial public offerings. So before we raise our glasses high, let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Clive Eustace, the multimillionaire founder of dog-gun.com. When I was a child, when people asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I told them the truth. I told them I wanted to make millions of dollars selling a gun that a dog could use. They laughed at me. But now, gun ownership among dogs is higher than it’s ever been, and I’ve become so wealthy that I was able to buy the childhood homes of every person that ever laughed at me and burn them to the ground. Now that I’ve become rich, I’ve begun to turn my thoughts towards my legacy. I don’t want people to forever link my name to the thousands of people who have been shot by their own dogs, I want to be remembered for something greater than that. So I have decided to turn my efforts towards building a huge concrete structures. And I want to build that structure in a tidal estuary filled with endangered species. They told me it couldn’t be done, but then I burned the naysayers’ childhood homes to the ground, and now nothing stands between me and my concrete legacy.

Listen to Two New Radio Dramas – On WRUR 88.5 FM! THIS TUESDAY @8pm

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WRUR logo-01

(Promotional Slot for the Radio Hour!)

THIS TUESDAY (11/3) at 8 pm tune your radios to WRUR 88.5 (or stream it here), gather your loved ones near, and prepare yourself for TWO NEW POCKET RADIO THEATER RADIO DRAMAS! Beginning the hour will be John Falls into Another Dimension, a Lovecraftian horror radio drama written by PRT scion Matt Payea, narrated by Karl Sparks, and starring Greg Madejski, with supporting roles by Kira Redzinak, Justin C. Schilling, Peter Bryk, Chapin Cavender, Mallory Scott, Tony Dipiazza, and Matt Payea. Next, we move on to Cops and Robbers, a radio drama about the folly of pride as demonstrated via a botched robbery. This ensemble production stars Frankie Dioguardi as Stephen Rich, David LaMantia as Clark Chapman, Alex Gibbons as Gene, Rowland Smith as Officer Corbin Lichtinger, Dan Brennan as Officer Billy Caplan, Karl Smith Sr. as The Dispatcher, and Shivani Dudhia as the negotiator.

Tune in! We personally guarantee you will be glad you did!

More Info: http://wrur.org/post/pocket-radio-theater-presents-two-locally-written-radio-dramas


Upcoming Halloween Special and Short Break from The Bootleggers

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The PRT is taking a brief break from The Bootleggers (we’ll be back in December). But don’t worry! On October 31st, we’ll be releasing “John Falls Into Another Dimension”, a terrifying Lovecraftian tale. In November, we’ll also be releasing another non-Bootleggers radio drama, before getting back to our series. It’s been a crazy few weeks and we’re grateful for your patience, listeners!

Also, you may not know that PRT director Karl Sparks got in USA today!

“Radio drama for your – and their – enjoyment”: We’re on the U of R’s News Page!

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"l-r: Clarence Ling (5th year, biochem); Jon Baker (4ht yr, microbio) and Karl Smith (5th yr) rehearse the day's script. // URMC PhD students voice a radio show at the WRUR studios in Todd Union August 11, 2015. // photo by J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester"

When the croak of seagulls hovering over Lake Ontario’s shores washes over The Bootleggers soundscape in “Episode 1: A Fine Day for a Felony,” it’s not difficult to visualize a couple of bootlegging smugglers approaching Rochester’s shores in 1921.

Carlie Fishgold wrote a flattering and evocative story about the PRT featured in the U of R’s News Center! Check out the article at the link below:



Father’s Day Bootlegging Special

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Father’s Day Special (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

This is in no way a serious episode (and doesn’t appear in our iTunes link). But PRT artistic director Karl Sparks was field recording sailboat sounds at Moraine State Park in Portersville, PA, when his father launched into a hilarious improv Bootleggers riff. There are no added sound effects in this episode – it’s all recorded in one take on the boat (and Karl Jr. really did get stung by a huge wasp). The PRT officially endorses fatherhood and fathers everywhere. Happy Father’s Day, listeners!

Karl Smith, Sr. as The Skipper
Karl Smith, Jr. as Blue Nose
Summerbreeze II as The Hardly Able

Wasps as themselves

PRT Artistic Director Karl Sparks interviewed by Doc Palindrome!

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On Sunday, our artistic director Karl Sparks was interviewed by Jesse Edmond and Derek Shoals for the Doc Palindrome podcast!

Much was discussed, including reanimating bears, the origins of the PRT, future directions for the theater, and the ‘viral sweepstakes’ that is putting something on the internet.

Find the interview here:

Jesse Edmond is a cool guy with several different podcasts currently running, including Red Trunker Radio and Doc Palindrome. Check out his website at docpalindromeme.com. The co-host on Sunday was the talented voice actor Derek Shoals (derekshoalesvoice.com). Both of them were kind enough to lend their voice acting talents for The Bootleggers Ep. 3: He Died Smiling.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 5.27.47 PM

Samples of Upcoming Radio Dramas

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On March 15, we will be releasing FIVE RADIO DRAMAS on this website and through the iTunes Store. Available for free (as all Pocket Radio Theater productions are), these five stories showcase the diversity of talents the PRT is home to.

The dramas being release are:

1. Cops and Robbers (Listen to short samples of each of the podcasts using the embedded player below!)

2. Lord’s Bounty, Texas

3. The Bootleggers, Episode 1

4. The Bootleggers, Episode 2

5. The Bootleggers, Episode 3

(sample forthcoming)