Father’s Day Bootlegging Special

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Father’s Day Special (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”) This is in no way a serious episode (and doesn’t appear in our iTunes link). But PRT artistic director Karl Sparks was field recording sailboat sounds … Continued

The Bootleggers Ep. 6: Glory, Glory!

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As Father Dioguardi might say, we are all called to serve the Lord in different ways. Some are the Lord’s stethoscope, some are the Lord’s eyes, some are thorns in the side of the Lord. Not many, however, are called … Continued

The Bootleggers Ep. 5: Five Thousand Crates of Whiskey

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When a sociopathic macaroni-salesman-turned-gangster asks Nick Lullaby to deliver five thousand crates of whiskey, Nick attempts to use the Tonawanda Railroad to smuggle alcohol across the border. Despite careful planning, everything falls apart. The Bootleggers Ep. 5: Five Thousand Crates of … Continued

The Buyer in the Library

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This is an adaptation of the award-winning one-act play The Buyer in the Library. It’s a dark little tale. Throw on some nice headphones, sit in some sunshine, and plumb the elevator shaft of the human spirit. The Buyer in the … Continued

The Bootleggers Ep. 4: Thunderclap

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The Craig Creek Spirits Company, owned by Evelyn and Jacob Slote, is an underdog Canadian distillation company looking for a chance to break into the staid and complacent gin market. Our underdog American bootleggers, Blue Nose and Frankie, see the potential … Continued

The Bootleggers Ep. 3: He Died Smiling

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Madame DeBlanches had quite the reputation in 1921, as either a cesspool of villainy and sin or the best time it was possible to have in upstate New York. When the Mayor of Rochester’s brother, Mr. Herbert Walker, takes it … Continued

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