The Bootleggers Ep. 8: Some Things Can Be Done As Well As Others

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Bootleggers 8

With the vicious gangsters Nick Lullaby and Rocco Perri in open war with each other, our bootlegging heroes Blue Nose and Wendy try to turn this gang war to their advantage by burning down Rocco’s warehouse while Nick is inside it stealing from Rocco. This goes poorly for everyone involved.

The Bootleggers Ep. 8: Some Things Can Be Done As Well As Others (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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Written, Directed, and Edited by Karl Sparks.

Voice Actors (in order of audibility):

Katie – Mallory Scott

Frankie – Matt Payea

Blue Nose – Karl Sparks

Wendolyn Marie O’Harren – Kira Redzinak

Nick Lullaby – Clarence Ling

Ruddy Chesterfield – Jon Baker

Night Watchman 1 – Tejas Khire

Night Watchman 2 – Hung Li Chung

Spider – Tony Dipiazza

Rowland Smith – Himself

Pims Laduke – Sam Weinblum

Curly Francis– Karl Smith

“Taxes” Pat – Patrick Nelson

The Pocket Radio Theater theme is by The Pueblano Boys 2011 – Used with permission.

Boy Gone Bad (instrumental) was written by Meridian Splendor, and was commissioned for this podcast.

Coo Coo Bird is a traditional mountain tune, performed here by Jake Book –

Our closing music is “Maple Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin (written in 1899), recorded by Zachary Brewster-Geisz using orchestra software – this recording was released under a Public Domain Mark 1.0 license and downloaded on 3/7/15 from the following URL:

Photography by Carrie Klocke.

Special thanks to WRUR’s The Sting ( for the use of their recording studio and expertise.

This Radio Drama uses these sounds from

Crash by bone666138 (

Big Splash by darcydunes (

Revolver Drop 2-01 by SirStallsworth (

gun cock by gpenn76 (

Pistol_DistantShot by Vosvoy (

Glass Bottle Break by captainvince (

JK Bottle Break by cmusounddesign (

Idling Truck by n_audioman (

Opening and closing pocket watch by JakLocke (

Glas_Multiple_Slices_Drop_On_Floor_Debris_01 by TheSoundcatcher (

Waterfall by inchadney (

Moving Boxes and Bags by kemitix (

Old Car Starting in Winter by unfa (

car door slam 35 A by patchen (

Various other sounds released under the creative commons license 0 were also used, and we thank the talented audio folks who contribute to, as well as the staff and volunteers of

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