“Radio drama for your – and their – enjoyment”: We’re on the U of R’s News Page!

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"l-r: Clarence Ling (5th year, biochem); Jon Baker (4ht yr, microbio) and Karl Smith (5th yr) rehearse the day's script. // URMC PhD students voice a radio show at the WRUR studios in Todd Union August 11, 2015. // photo by J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester"

When the croak of seagulls hovering over Lake Ontario’s shores washes over The Bootleggers soundscape in “Episode 1: A Fine Day for a Felony,” it’s not difficult to visualize a couple of bootlegging smugglers approaching Rochester’s shores in 1921.

Carlie Fishgold wrote a flattering and evocative story about the PRT featured in the U of R’s News Center! Check out the article at the link below:



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